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Last weekend I attended a studio lighting workshop where we got to play around with different light modifiers. This has been a big area of confusion for me, as in what to get, size, grids, shapes, mounts, there’s a lot of options.
I now have a better knowledge of how the modifiers work. Basically, the larger the modifier the smoother the skin, flipside to this is it becomes cumbersome to use and manage. Also, silver will give specular highlights on the skin, so best to stick to white unless that is the look you are after. The grids on the beauty dishes aim the light for better targeting of the light. There is more to it than this, the distance the light is from the model, angle of light, etc.
After the workshop, I jumped on eBay and made some purchases as a starting point. Just a basic set to get started with.

  • Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella
  • Godox Bowens S-mount holder S type bracket for Speedlight flash
  • Selens Speedlight color gels.

I already have a cheap flash stand and some Speedlights, so once everything gets here I’ll try it out.
Below are just a couple of images taken during the workshop.

Lucy Mae using 2 flashes with 2 different colour gels.

Lucy Mae using 2 flashes with 2 different color gels.

Lucy Mae

Lucy Mae

Lucy Mae going for the dark Black & White look

Lucy Mae going for the dark Black & White look

Lucy Mae using 3 flashes with different coloured gels

Lucy Mae using 3 flashes with different colored gels

More things where tried, but I felt the images didn’t come out well, something for me to try at home once all the equipment arrives.
I have also started up a Portraits gallery, it was long overdue as I am still learning the art of post-processing. Please have a look and leave a comment or two. I love constructive feedback.

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