The coloured sand of Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach – Holiday

Holiday time, our first little break this year, so after exploring our options we settled on Rainbow Beach for a 3-day stay.
The weather forecast was for fine sunny conditions about 7 days before we left, but as the time to leave got closer, the outlook was changing to something that wasn’t so promising. We decided to push ahead anyway. We stayed at the Rainbow Beach Holiday Village which is right in the center of the Rainbow Beach village.
As it turned out Saturday the day we arrived had the best weather, with Sunday not so good, then came Monday which had torrential rain just about all day long. I bit of a disappointment,  but what can you do, it is what it is.
We did get to spend a few hours on the beach on Sunday, with no rain, but plenty of wind. It was a good walk with plenty to see, especially the 4wd’s driving along the beach.

Rainbow Beach, fishing with the coloured sands in the background

Rainbow Beach, fishing with the colored sands in the background

A tricky point on Rainbow Beach, you have to time the waves to get past the rocks.
A car navigating the rocks on Rainbow Beach

A car navigating the rocks on Rainbow Beach

Plenty of cars on the beach, it is almost a highway.
Rainbow Beach, popular with the drivers.

Rainbow Beach, popular with the drivers.

The other thing we had a look at is the Carlo Sandblow, which basically is a massive mountain of sand which is slowly moving inland.
Rainbow Beach, Carlo Sandblow

Rainbow Beach, Carlo Sandblow

There is plenty to do around Rainbow Beach if you are into fishing, 4wd, hiking. It definitely is a place we are going to go to again, and with any luck, the weather will be better. We might even have a go at driving on the beach, just not too sure if our Nissan Xtrail is up to it.
Just a little bit further north is the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area, which has a few camping spots, we might give this a try next time.

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