Link – Are These Photographers Cheating?

Are these photographers CHEATING?  What constitutes cheating in photography? How much image manipulation is allowed before an image becomes a lie? Is anything game in these days of advanced post-production? In this video, Jamie Windsor looks at photographs that walk a line between truth and lies. Some have caused much controversy, some have been accepted as […]

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My Thoughts on Topaz Studio AI Clear

What is AI Clear? AI Clear is a pro adjustment plugin which has to be paid for separately once you have Topaz Studio. A quote from Topaz Labs:  AI Clear™ is a powerful Pro Studio Adjustment that removes noise and sharpens detail in photos automatically. AI Clear not only achieves much higher quality result than existing […]

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Whats New in Lightroom 7.4

Matt Kloskowski On June 20th, 2018 Adobe released Lightroom 7.4 which has a few new feature updates to Lightroom Classic, CC as well as Lightroom Mobile on your phones and tablets. In this video we’ll take a look at what’s new.

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