Annabelle and bad cop

Photo Shoot – Boggo Road Gaol

I was fortunate a few weeks ago to attend a photo shoot at the Boggo Road Gaol here in Brisbane. Everyone was an enthusiastic participant, with the models doing an exceptional job on costumes and makeup. There was a strong interest in Black & White photography, and I thought considering the location it was a […]

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Lucy Mae

Studio Lighting

Last weekend I attended a studio lighting workshop where we got to play around with different light modifiers. This has been a big area of confusion for me, as in what to get, size, grids, shapes, mounts, there’s a lot of options. I now have a better knowledge of how the modifiers work. Basically, the larger […]

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Castle Rumble Photo Shoot

It was a scene out of the Rocky Horror picture show, well sort of. Lots of interesting characters, all with Castle Rumble. I had the pleasure of attending one of the better photo shoots this year hosted by Louise Davies. The shoot was organized for the support of the upcoming Australian movie called PATCHED. To […]

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Rear Synced Flash Photography

I’m not sure if it’s new, but it is the first time I have tried it out, works pretty good if you can get the settings right. To set it up you just tell the flash to sync to the 2nd curtain. On the flash, this is indicated by the double arrow. Below is a brief overview of setting up the camera and flash.

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Editorial Shoot

Last week I attended a Photoshoot session run by SandmanPhotography, with the aim of shooting a sequence of photo’s that link together to tell a story. I think I got partially there with this selection, but as some of the photos didn’t come out as I anticipated there are gaps in my short picture story. Tayla from […]

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Dancer Photo Shoot

Matt from Sandman Photography was leading our photo group from Brisbane Model & Portrait Workshops. Below are some of my favorite pics from that session, of the amazing @beccamurray247. The poise and grace that she was able to demonstrate is truly exceptional.

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