HMAS Gayundah at Woody Point
Gayundah ShipWreck

HMAS Gayundah at Woody Point

On Sunday morning it was decided to go and do a shoot of the Gayundah shipwreck at Woody Point. We were after low tide and hopefully a nice sunrise.
Low tide was good, sunrise, unfortunately, was not anything spectacular due to the heavy clouds. We made the best of what we had.
I have been here before about a year ago, the first thing I noticed was the top of the bow was now broken, tilting backward. Just goes to show rust never sleeps.
I think looking back that the heavily overcast morning set a somber mood for the pictures, which I think is fitting considering the way the ship is slowly disappearing into the environment.
I’m not sure how far the stern goes down into the sand, but the whole thing is balancing on that point. I don’t think that will last too much longer.
The crabs, though have made this ship home.

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