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Christmas Eve – Brisbane

Still continuing with my experiment with Fujifilm X-T3. This is the first urban evening shoot with this camera and I was pleased with the result. I have also been experimenting with film simulations, so as a record for myself and also for anyone interested I thought I would post some pics with the recipe. This […]

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Alpacas, Nov 2017

The End of 2017, Hello 2018

Well here we are as the title says, in the final days of 2017.
With the passing of one year, marks the arrival of the next. What will 2018 bring I wonder? We all have those reflective moments when we lament the passing of the last 12 months and then look forward to the next 12 months. Perhaps some of us will make some new year resolutions.
Since this is a Photography blog, I will review the year 2017 and my hopes and aspirations for 2018 from my amateur photographer’s view.

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Rear Synced Flash Photography

I’m not sure if it’s new, but it is the first time I have tried it out, works pretty good if you can get the settings right. To set it up you just tell the flash to sync to the 2nd curtain. On the flash, this is indicated by the double arrow. Below is a brief overview of setting up the camera and flash.

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Camera Market 2017

The camera market in 2016 shows a steady decline in mirrorless and DSLR sales. Looks like the smartphone camera is going to take over the world for the vast majority of the population, also some manufacturers may not be around by the start of the next decade. Read the full story or watch the video over […]

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Color Theory

Two articles I have come across this week concerning the use of color theory during post processing. Both articles are about what color combinations work well together, admittedly in landscape photography, the color of a scene you have taken a photo of should not be altered too much, but to make it more pleasing to the eye […]

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Moreton Island

It’s Australia day (Jan 26), the time when most Australians take some time off from work, and head to the beach, fire up the BBQ, or just sit back and relax with the family having a few quite ones. My wife and I decided to join our friends on Moreton Island. Queensland has a number of […]

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