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Christmas Eve – Brisbane

Still continuing with my experiment with Fujifilm X-T3.

This is the first urban evening shoot with this camera and I was pleased with the result. I have also been experimenting with film simulations, so as a record for myself and also for anyone interested I thought I would post some pics with the recipe.

This is based on the Astia film simulation.

Astia – Urban

  • Dynamic Range = 100
  • D Range Priority = Off
  • Fil Simulation = Astia/Soft
  • Grain Effect = off
  • Color Chrome Effect = Weak
  • White Balance Custom = R +1
  • Highlight Tone = -2
  • Shadow Tone = -2
  • Color = +2
  • Sharpness = +3
  • Noise Reduction = -3

All photos were taken with

  • Fujifilm X-T3
  • XF 23 f2 R WR
  • hand held - no tripod

A great camera to walk atound with, and for jpg straight out of the camera a great result.

I have the camera setup to shoot REW + JPG, the film simulations only work on the jpg, I keep te raw for a just in case I want a different look.

It's now been 2 months with this camera and I have made the decision to sell off my Canon gear. Since I am not a high end proffesional shooter, this camera does a very good job at a moderate price, and is a bit smaller and lighter to carry around.

I will keep playing around with these film simulations as I think if you can get one that you like it will save having to do post processing alot of the time.

Untill next time.


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