Color Theory

Color Theory

Two articles I have come across this week concerning the use of color theory during post processing. Both articles are about what color combinations work well together, admittedly in landscape photography, the color of a scene you have taken a photo of should not be altered too much, but to make it more pleasing to the eye you have the ability to emphasize the colors that work well together.
The more photos I look at online, the more I realize that some Photoshop work is needed to get that image to pop, it’s just finding out what to do and how. These two articles will help.

Ted Gore

Color. When it comes to landscape photography, color has the power to both take a good image to great, or take that same image, and absolutely ruin it. Sometimes it is a very thin line to balance on, but absolute ruin can be avoided with a little knowledge of color theory. ……..

Ted Gore Landscape Imagery

Dave Morrow

Light is the single basic ingredient required to create photographs. Without light, pictures don’t exist.
Digital photography is the process of transferring light energy, carried by photons, into digital information, which can be processed and displayed by computers and cameras in the form of digital images.
Light also contains the ability to produce color. Color is produced by specific energies or frequencies of light, known as visible light.
Understanding color theory and creating beautiful images requires a basic knowledge of color & light.
This basic understanding is essential for mastering all other aspects of photography, including shooting & photo editing…….

Dave Morrow Photography

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