Changing to Fujifilm?
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Changing to Fujifilm?

This week I have got myself a Fujifilm X-T3 camera.

Fujifilm has piqued my interest since the launch of the X-T3 camera about a year ago, it was then that I began to think about mirrorless cameras. The X-T3 is an APS-C camera, the difference with Fujifilm is that they make first class lenses for their cameras, and since they are made for the crop sensor, they are about 2/3 the size and weight of a similar full frame lens. This is where Canon and Nikon let their APS-C systems down, they only make consumer grade lenses for their crop cameras. Sure you could just use a full frame lens on a crop camera body, but then you might as well get a full frame camera.

So, why the change? The last holiday I was on I quickly realized that the full frame Canon system I have is a bit of a beast to lug around. Excellent image quality, but wondering around during the middle of the day taking holiday pics I am sure I could have got the same shots using a smaller system with very similar results. So it got me thinking about trying out a new system.

But what to change to? Micro 4/3? Seems to me that if I went that small a sensor, I might as well just use a phone camera, after all there’re getting that good that doing holiday snap shots is no problem. My biggest fear with 4/3 system is the low light performance. When I did look into them last year I was thinking of getting second hand system to try out. The number one reason people seemed to be selling their micro 4/3 systems was to move to full frame.

Mmmm, maybe going from full frame to micro 4/3 is too much of a jump, after all I am a bit of a pixel peeper so if the image quality is not there……..

I haven’t made up my mind about whether the Fuji will replace my Canon gear yet, at this stage I want to try it out. I will write my thoughts out a bit more as time goes along so keep an eye out for my progress.

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