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Since starting this of this website, I have been on a search for the perfect theme, with excellent functionality, especially when it comes to showing pictures.
There are a lot of options out there, free ones (lite) and premium (commercial ).
A lot of time can be spent searching and customizing WordPress themes. The problem that I am coming across constantly is that some themes don’t work correctly with all plugins. In fact, even plugins can conflict with other plugins.
Photo gallery plugins are the worst culprits. The theme either has its own gallery implementation which invariably conflicts with the one you have already, or the gallery that comes with the theme doesn’t have the functionality that you want. Also getting your website to look like the demo is usually an exercise in futility, especially if going with the free (lite) version. Something will be missing from the configuration options (need the premium version), or they just don’t work.
Of course, you don’t realize this until you are about 80% along in your website development, with only a few things to tick off the list, but that is when the fun begins. Plugins clash, theme functionality is missing. Searching the www for answers, get frustrated, change course.
Here is an article about theme development from WPTavern. It basically says there is a lot of errors in theme development, and the review team can’t keep up. There is a new process getting under way so hopefully, these problem themes can be corrected before being set free.
I think that if you are trying to set up a WordPress website, generally you have a few ways to go about it.

  • Get the theme and plugins from the same developer usually referred to as premium. quicker and easier.
  • Hire a developer.
  • Go free and learn to edit theme files. cheaper, slower.
  • Use another platform altogether.

After saying the above statement, I still think WordPress and all it’s associated plugins/themes are awesome. Just be prepared for a learning curve, with a bit of perseverance, you can get a website you are proud of. Still, more work to go on here, that will happen over time.
For those that are interested, this site is using –

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