Updated Website and News

Updated Website and News

Welcome to my updated website.

I have made a few changes around here, tweaked the theme, and played around under the hood to hopefully streamline things. The most obvious change is to the URL. I thought a change in name may better reflect on what this website is all about. I do photography as a hobby, but I like to try out different post-processing techniques and ideas, so I have no qualms about image manipulation, using multiple images or whatever else can be achieved on a computer. I don’t want to just document what I see, I want to do something different.


Over the past couple of weeks, I have tried my hand at photographing flowers in my studio. Also, a bit of creative post-processing has been used. This was inspired by a couple of Youtube videos by Visual Art Photography.

Also, I have been having a play around Topaz Studio after watching of a few Youtube videos from Jim Nix, Getting Started with Topaz Studio. In this video, he explains what Topaz Studio is and demonstrates some of its uses.

Topaz Labs Impressions
Topaz Labs Impressions

Rumors and Stuff

It looks like at long last Canon and Nikon are going to release professional, full-frame mirrorless cameras. Is this going to be a big game changer? Probably not. If you know how to use a DSLR to its full potential, mastered manual mode then there is probably not much the mirrorless camera can do that you can’t do already.

And if you think that your kit will become lighter, think again, the camera body may be 1 or 2 hundred grams lighter, but the lenses are still basically the same weight,  especially for the f/2.8 pro lenses.

Will I change to mirrorless, yes I will at some point in the future, but if I do change to cut down on weight and size, then I won’t be staying with full-frame.



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