Long Exposure – Surfers Paradise
Long exposure shot of Surfers Paradise taken from the Spit.

Long Exposure – Surfers Paradise

Last weekend we took a drive down to Burleigh Heads and Surfers Paradise to have a play around with my Nisi Filters. I was attempting some long exposure photography.
This photo was taken mid morning, in bright sunlight with 2 ND filters stacked, a 10 + 6 stop. The exposure time was about 6 minutes, yes you read correctly, minutes not seconds. Good technique is required since every photo takes a lot of time to take.
The main benefit¬†of the long exposure time is the removal of moving objects. You don’t see many people on this beach but it is a popular place on the weekend so there was plenty going on.
More practice is needed and careful attention to detail, one of my photos didn’t work out because the tide came in a washed around one of the tripod legs, sinking it while I still had 2 minutes to go on the exposure. That photo didn’t work out.
I hope to do some more of this type of photography in the future.

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