Holiday – Brisbane to Surat

Holiday – Brisbane to Surat

Part one

With a 5 hour drive ahead if us, we set off from Brisbane at 8.30am, hoping to get to our destination by 2pm Google says allow about 5 hours for the drive. As is usual for us, a few stops along the way happened, with some pleasant surprises.

Our first pit stop was at Toowoomba, where we stretched our legs and swapped driving duties.

Second pit stop was at Tara where we purchased gas and toilet stop in some dodgy old falling apart loos. Swapped drivers where our next stop was Glenmorgan where there was an old car museum. We later found out that the owner had died a year earlier and the family is fighting over the estate. Apparently the museum has been closed for a year, but since it is on the side of the road you can just walk though it.

We then drove past a Botanical garden sign, and since we where running behind time, we pushed on to Surat. We planned on going back the next day to have a look. How can a Botanical garden exist in a place with next to no water? We were curious..

After that we saw some Emu’s on the side of the road, stopped to take some pics, not the easies as the are very shy.

we managed to get to Surat at about 3.30pm, time enough to set up and have a beer or two.

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